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Clark first started in the optical industry 1974 in Red Deer as an apprentice Optical Dispenser working for Karl Hauck at Hauck Opticians. Donna met Clark while she was attending Red Deer College. In 1975 they decided to get married and continued to live in Red Deer until the spring of 1976 when they moved to Stettler where Clark was promoted to manager of the Hauck Opticians located there.

That is where they started their family. Mr. and Mrs. Hauck started a new chain of optical stores in the early 1980’s called H&H Optical. The Drumheller location opened it’s doors in 1981 by Karl and Helga Hauck and four employees who were now their partners. Clark Layden, Dick Huebner. Dale Ward, and Tom Todd. After a series of managers, it was decided that Clark and Donna would move from Stettler to Drumheller, and Clark would take over the management of H&H Optical in October 1984.


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“Hauck Hearing Centre provides a caring, professional environment to explore treatment options for your hearing loss and our ‘Patient first’ approach allows you to proceed at a comfortable pace. All hearing aids are smaller, more powerful and sophisticated than ever. We are confident that when you are ready, we will be able to help you hear better.

Hearing loss is the fastest growing, and one of the most prevalent, chronic conditions facing Canadians today. While hearing loss has many causes, age-related (presbycusis) and noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) are the two most common types. Regular hearing evaluations are recommended.

Based in Drumheller, H&H Optical and Hearing Centre is committed to excellence in providing state-of-the-art hearing instruments and quality, courteous service to individuals suffering from hearing loss.”

Claire Milligan


Claire is a Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner and is Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences and the National Board of Hearing Instrument Specialists. She is a member of The College of Hearing Aid